Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order?

Want to order a cupcake bouquet in Belfast? Cupcake treats or hot chocolate bombs? Simply get in contact to discuss.

Where are you based?

Flour Lady is based in Schomberg Avenue in Belfast. BT4 2JR right opposite Campbell College.

Do you make Character/Disney/Football team cakes?

I get a lot of these enquiries and the simple answer is no. As a designer, I respect others work and the time that goes into it designing. Stealing copyrighted designs isn't something I will ever do. Simply put, it is against the law to use copyrighted characters and images and I don't want to be sued! 

For more information on the laws regarding the use of copyrighted designs and cakes here is a great article by the Cake Boss. 

How do I keep my cakes fresh?

Cakes should be consumed within three days and stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Do you offer gluten/dairy free items?

We are able to cater for special dietary needs however we are a home based kitchen and cannot guarantee that there will no cross contamination.

Do you make any vegan items?

Absolutely. We offer a variety of treats including hot chocolate bombs that are 100% vegan!

Do you make wedding cakes?

Absolutely!!! I love being part of your big day. Get in contact to discuss your individual requirements and reserve your date.